Real Estate


Real Estate DeedsFlat Fee $250

(Including Quitclaim Deeds, General and Special Warranty Deeds, and Ladybird or Life Estate Deeds) – If you need to change the ownership of any real property (real estate, land, etc.), we can show you the best alternative for your situation. Don’t let the wrong deed result in a cloud on your title! Questions?  Call us at 813-902-2119 for more information.  

Selling Your House?

Residential Purchase and Sale Representation – If you are selling your house, put a real estate attorney on your team for the maximum protection.  Pricing starts at $495 for review of contract and monitoring the closing procedure, to $995-$1500 flat fee for negotiation and preparation of the contract, and monitoring/assisting in the closing process. Questions?  Call us at 813-902-2119 for more information.  

Renting your House?Lease Preparation – If you own one rental or one hundred, it’s best to have an attorney prepare the lease.  Flat fee of $295 includes the lease and any revisions required.  Questions?  Call us at 813-902-2119 for more information.

Need to evict a tenant? – Evictions start at just $395, with special bulk pricing available.  Questions?  Call us at 813-902-2119 for more information.


Representing Homeowners in Property Damage Claims 

In times of disaster, insurance companies may be inclined to underpay claims.  By hiring an attorney, we make sure the insurance company does not underpay or deny a claim.

All too often, homeowners believe that their insurance company will do the right thing when it comes time to compensate for a loss.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

If your home sustains damage from the hurricane, please notify the insurance company ASAP, then call us with any property loss questions, as our advice is always free.  813-902-2119, you can also reach attorney Cyrus Malhotra DIRECTLY on his cell phone at 727-255-1114.

We offer a wide range of representation options for our clients.